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So what are you waiting for? Read on! The Aquarius personality is on a constant quest for freedom and liberty, it's out of the question for an Aquarius to feel tied down in their activities. Aquarius needs to be in control of their freedom and to do as they please. When it comes to Aquarius compatibility, not every zodiac sign can handle their floaty personalities, especially not Scorpio and Cancer. Who is an Aquarius most compatible with in love? Test your compatibility with Aquarius now! Aquarius compatibility: What is the best match for an Aquarius?

Aquarius and Aries. Strengths : Similar ideas. Aquarius - Aries : Why they are compatible Aries and Aquarius make a life together easily when surrounded by a group of friends. Click on another sign to test your love compatibility! Aquarius and Taurus. Explosive couple These two signs face difficulty trying to get along in their relationship because they really are very different.

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Strengths : Can learn to understand each other. Aquarius and Gemini. Intellectual couple These two Air signs love intellectual banter and have plenty of things in common. Strengths : Good team work. Aquarius and Cancer. Aren't on the same wave length This duo gets along better in a professional setting or friendship than an intimate relationship.

Strengths : Good friendship. Aquarius and Leo. Strengths : Strong attraction.

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Aquarius and Virgo. Strengths : Good coworkers. Aquarius - Virgo : Why they are compatible In a relationship, Aquarius will that Virgo won't be able to take them seriously and the chatty Aquarius may even get bored in a relationship with the shy Virgo. Aquarius and Libra. Amazing potential As two signs under the Air element, Aquarius and Libra understand each other and their communication is very strong.

Strengths : Good communication. Aquarius - Libra : Why they are compatible Libra could find that Aquarius lacks affection and prefers to pursue their dreams alone and eventually Libra could be tempted to walk away. Aquarius and Scorpio. Too different These signs are completely different! Strengths : Protective of each other. Aquarius and Sagittarius. Strengths : Lots in common. Aquarius and Capricorn. Totally different Here we have two very different people with extremely different natures! Strengths : Love of freedom.

Aquarius - Capricorn : Why they are compatible When it comes to a love match, this duo is very complex and can lack the warmth needed to succeed. Aquarius and Aquarius.

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More friends with benefits Can two Aquarius people fall in love and stay in love? Strengths : Same hobbies. Aquarius - Aquarius : Why they are compatible Two Aquarius personalities will be hesitant when it comes to being honest with each other and may not agree on whether they want kids or not. Aquarius and Pisces.

Strengths : Both creative. Aquarius - Pisces : Why they are compatible When it comes to romance, Aquarius people loves getting down to business and don't really appreciate cuddling for hours as much as Pisces does.

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Leave us a comment 5 4 3 2 1 0. See more. How Jealous Are You? How jealous are you? However, that does not mean he is unsuccessful. Actually, Aquarius man enjoys his work and usually has excellent results in what interests him. His compassionate and understanding nature could make him a leader in another kind of setting; his charisma and honesty inspired others a lot.

Aquarius man is a loyal, emotional and devoted friends and lover. He does not like to argue and would often forgive others for their mistakes, even if it were something to harm him. He is not foolish and would not let others manipulate him, but Aquarius is not a vengeful personality and would rather forgive and forget. Aquarius people are generally talented for all kinds of art. Aquarius man is the same; it is very common that his work has artistic ground or that he has an artistic hobby. Whatever the case, Aquarius man has to find a channel to express his talents and fulfill his artistic needs.

That is not true. Aquarius man is free spirited, open minded and very independent. He would like to make this world a better place. Aquarius man values his freedom above everything else. You may try to cage him, but he would never let you control him, unless he has decided so. Aquarius man tends to have a long and steady relationship, but before he actually starts such one, there is no way you could suppress his need for extravagancy, exploration and adventurousness.

Aquarius woman is, of, course, very much like her male counterpart, although there are differences between them, seen in characteristics typical for female Aquarius representatives and male ones. Aquarius woman is delicately feminine, in every sense possible. She is a person with an open heart and an open mind. Aquarius woman is guided by ideals and ideas many would fail to understand. That is, because Aquarius woman also believes she has some higher purpose in life. She would like to change the world, for better. She is a pacifist and the one who would always try to find the most beneficial solution for everyone.

While she is deeply emotional and ethical, there are some things Aquarius woman cannot tolerate. She is very sensitive to injustice and inequality of rights. She is a humanist and someone who understands people. She could be an extraordinary pedagogue or psychologist; Aquarius women are also known to be gifted in astrology and esoteric fields. Aquarius woman enjoys helping others, so you could often have her volunteering and doing charity work.

She is soft, gentle, delicate and usually quiet. However, she would boldly defend her causes and she is definitely not a weak character. Aquarius woman values herself, but she never puts herself above others. She respects those she deems respectable and expects the same in return. She is extremely sensitive to everything around her; Aquarius woman sees beauty and suffering in things others would not notice.

She could appear very cold and distant, because she thinks on a bigger plan. For example, she could appear uninterested in your problems, because she forges a plan how to help the whole community, not just an individual. It makes people mistake her for being reserved and insensitive, while it is exactly the opposite. Her charisma is infinite, her motivation is endless. Aquarius woman is creative and imaginative, but she does not lose the sense of reality. She likes to create things and she could be very independent. She is free spirited and an unconventional thinker.

Aquarius woman loves to learn and to explore. Aquarius is drawn to the unconventional and accepts Gemini's restless and inconstant nature. And Gemini is charmed by the wholly original ideas that spill forth from Aquarius. Both signs like to go their own way, so neither one takes it personally. They understand the need for intellectual independence and will have lots of separate friends. The Aquarius-Gemini relationship has long-term potential since there's always more to learn and talk about.

As a sign known to calm the mentally unstable, Aquarius can be soothing to the Gemini nerves.

Aquarius and Taurus Compatibility: The Visionary and the Lover

Gemini may not always understand why Aquarius gets stuck on one idea to the point of obsession, but they will respect their partner's mental focus. Aquarius shows by example how Gemini can harness all of their brain power. There is not a lot of heavy emotion here, which makes it possible for them to be friends first. Long after the lust phase is over, these two are inspired companions—and that's a foundation for enduring love.

It's the glue that holds these signs together. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus the modern ruler and known for sudden moves. Gemini also has an erratic rhythm to its nature and is quick to change.