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In Norse mythology there is a story with Loki and the ever popular mistletoe. Frigga, goddess of love and beauty wanted to make sure no harm would come to her son Balder who was most loved of all the gods. She secured the promise of all elements to make sure nothing would ever hurt him. Loki killed Balder through the hands of Hoder. Because of this Frigga cries immense tears, which some say display the mistletoe berries. Featuring crystals, tarot, and a whole lot of plants, this moody account has created the ultimate chill, green witch vibe. Before starting the account in June after a two-year-trip abroad, pagan herbalist Genevieve Clarisse Gen for short , learned the magic of plants growing up on an herb and flower farm with her mother and grandmother.

Or, you could check out her Etsy shop , where she sells herbaceous items and hand-knitted scarves.

What does being a witch look like for you? Do you identify as a particular type? Are you eclectic?


Not a fan of the labels? Do you belong to a coven or are you a solitary practitioner?

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Are you Pagan? Do you celebrate sabbats? YOU get to choose what that looks like for you and how to best live your own unique truth.

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No two witches will be exactly like, even if they choose similar paths. I identify as green witch and a hedge witch. I am a solitary practitioner. Not pagan.

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I do celebrate sabbats. What does my individual path look like? The paths of the green witch and hedge witch are actually quite similar, and the two are often confused. Hedge witches traditionally lived on the outskirts of their village, in the hedge. Beyond the hedge was deep forest. As a hedge witch, I practice divination; connecting and communicating with the spirit world to receive guidance and wisdom.

Both of these paths are likely to be solitary and without fancy tools or elaborate rituals. Her mystical photography is accompanied by witchy tips like how to create sigils and what to put in an altar.

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As a folk herbalist and artist living in the woods of Maine, Susan has always had a deep connection with nature. Having a lovely evening of painting and YouTube videos, I would love some recommendations! I've been enjoying listening to them while painting but I need someone new to binge watch… preferably someone funny… who is you favorite? A post shared by luna.

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Giving us some major altargoals here! Astrology, perhaps predictably in this age of economic, environmental and political disasters, is booming , particularly among millennials. Co-Star is just one of many apps and outlets cashing in on that, ahem, new wave. But if, as some have argued , millennials are turning to astrology in ever greater numbers at least partly as a consequence of being the most stressed generation ever , one might well wonder if the most online and connected generation has also become the most deluded.

My suspicion is that what attracts us is more complex than belief; less straightforward than a simple desire for an omniscient guide through life. Modern astrology taps into the deep irony of the extremely online, and the accompanying instinct for self-deprecation. A meme is not a meme until it has been astrofied. Instagram accounts like notallgeminis have turned astro-dragging into an art form. Shouts to popcultureangel for creating this mood board!! A post shared by not all geminis notallgeminis on May 23, at pm PDT.

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But as I got older, that interest turned into a hobby, which eventually turned into a career. The great thing about this day and age is that the privileged majority of us have access to the great equalizer of information, Google. I was able to research for hours in my bedroom at night while working fulltime as a designer.

I looked up what it meant to be an Aquarius who was dating a Leo. I was able to discover my birth chart, and, bit by bit, uncover what each house placement and aspect meant for me. I was even able to find credible books recommended by other astrologers.