Weekly horoscope from 26 october 2019 in hindi prakash astrologer

Communication is the best at the start of the month, and anything you want to get across or figure out is best served during Libra season. Later in October, things will change.


Friendships will become more intense. Conversations will shift. Questions will become more specific and probing. You will find yourself more apt to leave social occasions early and spend more time alone. Gemini, you will most likely have someone on your mind; either a romantic partner or a potential one, and it will be difficult to get much done otherwise. But it'll be possible, as you are quite used to taking parts of your life and tucking them away for later. It will be irritating that it will not be as graceful a switch as it usually is, but you should be able to get your work does regardless.

Gemini Weekly Horoscope:- 7th October to 13th October Money should be loosening up for you now and you have some choices to make this week. There may be a nice opportunity opening up for you this week, but you may wait too long to take advantage of it. By the time you think it over, it is gone.

News about your finances comes in quite suddenly now, even though you still have to wait to spend any of it. You'll find it difficult to express yourself and your needs on Thursday and Friday. Start a new health regimen on Saturday. You have started to feel much more relaxed and confident about your long-term situation; old problems seem to have cleared, so that you can see the way ahead more clearly. There is much in the world of nature in your own local area and at home that is a source of inspiration and comfort to you as you observe life in all its profusion. This week lucky numbers are: 52, 77, 85, 91, October horoscope Gemini, October will begin with only subtle changes in your life that hint at bigger things that need to be looked at.

You will mostly find yourself being supported by these changes, at first, and will easily move forward with projects and interests. Creativity will introduce itself into your life and you will find ideas and interesting angles making life more eventful in its own way. As the month shifts, things will be less likely to make sense and help you along, but realizations about yourself, those around you, and how you interact with said people, will help you recognize certain things within yourself.

Work will be rather mundane at first as October is starting, and you will feel fine with that as you swiftly get projects done, tackle challenges, and generally just get through work. You feel especially good at problem-solving right now and will be able to successfully attack quandaries you had previously been stumped by. As October goes along, work will become a less cheery place; conversations will become more serious and less superficial.

Your own work will become more complicated. This is a talent that you should use to some extent, as it will keep your life balanced, even we leave the most balanced season and go into a much different sort of atmosphere. Close relationships will be important to maintain this month. It will be good to catch up with old friends, especially more toward the beginning of October, where the conversation is the clearest and you will find yourself the most inspired to socialize.

Romantically, you will find stable relationships to be nice and relaxing at this time. If they are holding up, then you will be very happy to enjoy the happy fuzzy feelings that will happen from that. As the month turns, it will be more difficult to make plans or keep them on track. Friends will be harder to talk to in general, and you will find that arguments and cold shoulder or ghosting moments will be more likely. The assumptions made from vague understandings could do more harm than good. Cancer, you will find yourself distracted today. It might be best to leave your phone somewhere so that you don't have total access to it while you're working, as you may start texting that special someone; or whoever happens to be haunting your thoughts today.

You will have more trouble focusing today, but as it will be a positive distraction, your work quality will reflect that and though it will be slower to emerge from you, it will be quite fine work all in all.

Cancer Weekly Horoscope:- 7th October to 13th October A vacation or a trip over water is on your mind now. You would do well dealing with boats or ships. Your imagination is working very well now, so this is a good time to get things done. Buying or selling seems to work well for you right now, since your personal magnetism or charm is in high gear.

Get out and mingle on Monday or, if involved, go for a romantic atmosphere to make the difference. Venus in Scorpio this week finds you searching out ways to enlarge financial prospects on a day to day level. Contact experts for advice. Partnership endeavors are possible this week, allow others to take the lead, fellow employees are key. You have a nice surprise at the end of the week. This week lucky numbers are: 7, 61, 90, 24, October horoscope Cancer, October will find you feeling introverted, but handling Libra season quite well, as you balance out your soft inner self with your tough exterior.

You may find it helps you work better, as you will be able to use your sensitivity to be intuitive in the workplace. You may also find that this balance will help you express yourself better in relationships and communicate your needs accurately to your loved ones. You will find as the placements begin to slide into Water as the month continues that your inner self takes over more of your life, and you will have to do more self-reflection than you are used to. As October begins, you will find work as a steady stream of ideas and getting what you need to be done.

At the same time, your quality of work will shine. You feel proud of your work, even if it mostly slips under the radar to others. Your colleagues will find you to be pleasant to be around. It will be important to remain fairly social at work, keeping up the appearance of it at least, just to keep yourself relevant and up to date on work-related things. Leo, you may get swept up in some drama that will be hard to separate from work as your phone will probably be blowing up or the equivalent of distracting behavior.

It's important to take care of it and not just ignore it so that it does not weigh heavily on your mind as you try to get work done. You may have to do a little more clean up after work in terms of your social life, but it should be largely blown over by then, if not over entirely. Leo Weekly Horoscope:- 7th October to 13th October Some decisions that were made in secret meetings are being postponed for a couple of weeks while details are worked out.

However, you will understand your own position by the end of this week. You may be getting a promotion or some other form of recognition this summer. Extra money should be jingling in your pocket this month. Try to save as much as you can. Don't push yourself too hard on Saturday. It's time to take a break. You are likely to feel valued and appreciated as partners show the good feelings they have for you in splendid ways. The entertainment and sense of mutual well being are at a high, thanks to no expense being spared.

Even if you start incurring a lot of costs you will still feel it is all worth it. Some will purchase little luxuries. This week lucky numbers are: 70, 85, 4, 15, October horoscope Leo, October will be both a very uplifting and also a very intense month, as both Libra and Scorpio will be taking you dancing this month in their own unique ways, figuratively speaking of course. The start of the month will find you having lively and productive days, with a lot of charisma and charm guiding you through life, almost on a cloud of happiness.

There will be good opportunities and important milestones achieved as October begins. You will find yourself leaning forward and learning about the people around you in situations you might not have imagined yourself in previously. There will be a lot of love around you and inside of you; like your own mini s love revolution. The latter half of October will bring dark clouds to your life. But these dark clouds will have rain within them; rain that will promote growth like your soul is a garden. With this growth will come the weeds you will have to pull and examine to make sure you can recognize them and nip them in the bud next time.

There will creativity in Scorpio season, and an intensity around you that will help you create and build better than you ever have before. There will be a sacrifice in this, as you will be more withdrawn and seek solitude where you once sought company. You are still a social animal, so you might fight this time a bit depressing. But ultimately it will lay the groundwork for a vibrant future, by weeding out the darkness of your past. Virgo, your love for your work, if it is there, will shine today and you will be very much wrapped up in it today. It will be difficult to do anything else but work.

If your love is more attached to a smaller project inside of your job or some offshoot of it, you will be all consumed by that thing. It's all a matter of balance to get everything one that needs doing, but today you may leave some things unfinished as your passion will take over your logical brain today. Virgo Weekly Horoscope:- 7th October to 13th October Things you thought finished are being done all over again. However this is all to your advantage so be patient.

Some very good news comes in the mail and you may have to re-submit some papers. Mechanical failures are prevalent this week, but whatever fails needs to be replaced anyway. You have a dream in mind that should be becoming reality shortly. Your colorful way of expressing yourself on Thursday and Friday will attract attention. Put all your energy into money-making ventures on Saturday. Your social instincts are in top gear as you search out any gatherings of people and magically hear of social occasions where good cheer is to be found. Although you know there are serious matters lurking around the corner, they all fade into insignificance as you focus on the immediate future where good luck and lady fortune are in attendance.

This week lucky numbers are: 62, 66, 55, 32, October horoscope Virgo, the month of October will span a subtle arc for you, an arc of self-growth. You may find yourself learning more about you from the reactions of others. The start of the month will bring you some peace, and help you concentrate on work and studies. Finding pleasure in order and problem-solving will come easily in Libra season as Libra is all about balance and the scale. You will find yourself drawn to order in chaos.

Aquarius Horoscope - Aquarius Daily Horoscope Today

There will be a lot of opportunities for you to help others organize as well, be it a literal organization or to help them sort their personal lives. Be careful to not get too lost in others and forget to help yourself. As the month shifts, you will find it more difficult to focus on these sorts of tasks and you will be a bit stretched thin at work. Becoming more inwardly focused, you might run into some things that get in the way of being productive. You will have to use a lot more energy to get things done that just recently were easy for you. There will be trials and lessons to be learned at work that may make you feel exasperated, but once you get to the other side of it, you will be better and stronger for it.

There will be times of conflict, that will be hard to pinpoint and face, as communication will become harder to get a handle on in Scorpio season. Libra, today will be about symmetry for you. You will need to find a balance around you because you will be feeling some intense things you aren't used to and it'll have you feeling pretty off as a result.

Whether it's love or something else, most likely passion for a new relationship or interest that you can't get out of your head, you will have to find time to have an outlet for it. Libra Weekly Horoscope:- 7th October to 13th October You are just as happy to have some work put off this week, until someone else solves a major problem for you. This is a problem that has been hanging around for a while, so you are delighted to finally be able to make some headway with your work. People are anxious and nervous this week, but you easily find your way around them.

Back off from making decisions you can not correct later when you have a clearer mind. Join in with others who have the same interests as you on the 16th and make it a party. A friend or a loved one that has been ill lately is recovering nicely, and you need to try to comfort them the best you can. Paradoxically, they need you now more than ever. Finding that appliance or furniture you have been looking for might prove to be a problem this week, and maybe it is better put off until next week. Take time to show your spouse a little extra love this week because they've been doing a lot for you and deserve a little extra appreciation.

This week lucky numbers are: 7, 15, 44, 30, October horoscope Libra, as October begins, you will be feeling very social and bubbly, bopping along from one situation to another. You may not feel very productive at first, but you will be gaining a lot of knowledge about your friends, coworkers, and family members that could help you understand them more. You will be feeling largely content and happy during your own season, with only a few setbacks in terms of learning how to balance your outer life and your inner life.

As of October changes to Scorpio season, you are most likely to find the universe less forgiving and more of a mirror to show you things about yourself you are not likely to want to see. Work will be social and lovely for the first part of October You will not necessarily get everything done that you are expecting to, within reason, but you will be pleasantly surprised by what you do accomplish and the quality of your work.

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Scorpio, there is going to be some interesting things today, most of them being revolved around your feelings. You will have something very heavy on your mind, but you should be able to work with it. Very likely it'll be something work involved. You will be able to set it aside, but it might be a good idea to come back to it after you get finished with what you need to work with. There's going to be a great distraction after work, but you have to be careful that it doesn't get too distracting. Scorpio Weekly Horoscope:- 7th October to 13th October This week, you have nine out of the ten planets all in an excellent aspect to your sign.

This means that whatever you choose to do now turns out exactly how you want. It is a very lucky time for you. Of course, if you choose to do nothing, then nothing can happen. Get out and do something - whatever is important to you needs to be launched now. Things get a bit more difficult Wednesday, when Mercury enters Cancer and makes your thinking processes a bit more emotional and subjective. At the same time, however, the Moon has left Aries and entered calmer - perhaps, too calm - Taurus.

While things won't be quite as exciting as your mate, you should benefit from the earthy balance. On Friday, the Moon enters Gemini and your energy is soaring again, just in time for the New Moon that night. This is the time to make a fresh start. Enjoy and make the most of the opportunity. You can be a little moody the first part of this week. Do something nice for yourself to lift your spirits. You are in the process of finishing up this phase of your life and are about to launch a new phase. This will take up your time or thoughts for the next few weeks.

If you have been smart, you have learned some valuable lessons lately. This week lucky numbers are: 17, 56, 67, 46, As October begins, you will find yourself in Libra season, which will bring you a lot of introspection. You will be surrounded by a lot of white noise sort of chatter that you will find little to no use for, depending on your environment, and you are not likely to be distracted by it.

There will be a lot of work to do in your personal life. This is also an excellent time to work on your inner self as things will be more apparent that need to be evened out.

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As your own season begins, you will feel powerful, creative, and more likely to take risks and changes in your life as you will feel less vulnerable. Lucky Number: 5. Libra Sep 24 - Oct On the fitness front, your efforts of coming back in shape succeed. Curb wasteful expenditure, as it may eat into your savings. Job seekers may get some good openings.

The day appears enjoyable, as you get to spend it with friends and relatives. Travelling to attend an important event is indicated. It is a good day to buy a vehicle or a major item. Things may not be hunky-dory on the academic front, so start putting in more efforts. On the romantic front, an opposite number may hold your interest, but it will take efforts to make it blossom into something meaningful.

Lucky Number: 2. Scorpio Oct 24 - Nov Your busy schedule will keep you on your toes, but keep you fit!

Weekly Horoscope - 07 October to 13 October 2019 - Ye Hafta kaisa Rahe Ga - Sadia Arshad

An investment today will come in handy at a later date. You will need to guide someone regarding a new job or task, so be prepared for it. A family problem will need to be solved quickly, before it becomes disturbing. Avoid travelling long distance by road today, if things can be organised through other ways. Construction may begin for an addition to your existing house. Making new acquaintances and expanding friends' circle is indicated.

Chance of settling down in holy matrimony is possible for the eligible. Lucky Number: 8. Sagittarius Nov 23 - Dec Balanced diet is the key to your good health. Those looking for financial security for the future may need to act now. You will find the right opportunity to strike when the iron is hot on the professional front! Differences may need to be sorted out with spouse, if you want the domestic front to remain peaceful.

You may face problems while travelling today, so be adequately prepared. Some contentious property issue can be raised and make you mentally tense. Much effort may go into preparing for something important on the academic front. Togetherness will be immensely fulfilling for those in love. Lucky Number: 4. Capricorn Dec 22 - Jan Those trying to shed extra kilos will need some more will power to do so.

Unexpected gains are likely from an unexpected source. You may start preparations for a festival in the right earnest. A highly anticipated journey proves uneventful. House owners looking for suitable tenants will find someone good. Developing contacts with influential people is likely to ease personal problems.

A chance meeting with someone special shows all signs of blossoming into romance. Lucky Number: Aquarius Jan 22 - Feb Take steps to burn off fat. You will manage to bring down the price of an expensive item through hard bargaining. Retailers may find their business on the upswing. Socially, you can expect a hectic time in the company of friends and relatives. Commuting problems may need to be addressed quickly by some. Those planning to buy property are likely to settle for a suitable one soon. From 4 th April, Venus enters air sign Gemini.

Venus moves through the 11 th house your sign. From 13 th may Venus turns retrograde in motion in Gemini. From 25 th June Venus becomes direct in motion. From 8 th August, Venus enters water sign Cancer. Venus moves through the 12 th house your sign. From 6 th September, Venus enters fire sign Leo. Venus moves through your sign. From 3 rd October, Venus enters its sign of debilitation earth sign Virgo. Venus moves through the Second house for your sign.

From 29 th October Venus enters own sign Libra. Venus moves through the Third house. Venus enters water sign Scorpio from 22 nd November. From 16 th December, Venus enters last of fire sign Sagittarius. Venus moves through the Fifth house till end of the year At the beginning Jupiter transits in its sign of debilitation last of earth sign Capricorn. Jupiter moves through the sixth house for your sign. Jupiter becomes retrograde in motion from 15 th May. From 13 th September, Jupiter becomes direct in motion.

From 20 th December, Jupiter enter last of air sign Aquarius. Jupiter moves through the Seventh house for your sign till end of the year Know your future and solutions. You should avail a personalized Jupiter Transit Report. At the beginning Saturn transits in own sign Capricorn. Saturn moves through the Sixth house for your sign. From 23 rd March, Saturn enters its other sign Aquarius.

Saturn moves through the seventh house for your sign. From 11 th May Saturn becomes retrograde in motion, in Aquarius. From 2 nd July Saturn moving in retrograde mode renters last of earth sign Capricorn. From 28 th October, Saturn becomes direct in motion. From 19 th December, Saturn again enters own sign Aquarius and keeps transiting therein till end of the year You should avail a personalized Saturn Transit Report.

Rahu transits in a water sign Cancer, at the beginning. Rahu moves through the 12 th house your sign. From 6 th June Rahu enters dual nature first of air sign Gemini. Rahu moves through the 11 th house for your sign till end of the year At the beginning Ketu transits in last of earth sign Capricorn. Ketu moves through the Sixth house for your sign. From 6 th June, Ketu enters last of Fire sign Sagittarius.

ALL ABOUT Aquarius

Ketu moves through the Fifth house for your sign till end of the year Get your personalized and detailed Rahu-Ketu Transit report. Pandit Umeshji has been a great support to us. His advice was quite helpful. He is a man of high integrity. He was very patient and kind enough to be available whenever his advise was required.

His easy remedies gave positive results. Planetary positions for the year Leo are as follows: Sun Sun is in last of earth sign Capricorn at the beginning of the year Moon Moon is the fastest moving planet and owing to its speed it takes approximately 2 and half days to transit from one sign to another zodiac sign.

Mars At the beginning Mars transits in own sign Scorpio and moves through the fourth house for your sign. Mercury Mercury at the beginning transits in last of earth sign Capricorn.